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Slot Machine Secrets Tips and Tricks

The first slot machine secret is finding the looser slots, that is the slot machines that have been programmed to payout more than other slot games. A casino will often ensure that slot machines near buffet queues, lifts and elevators or near busy thoroughfares are programmed to payout more.

The reason for this is simple, they are in full view of a great number of people at all times of the day and this means if other people constantly see slot machine paying out they will feel tempted to give them a try! So always try and play such machines.

Pull or Press

Some players think that by either pulling a slot machine handle or pressing the button means you stand a better chance of hitting a win, the truth of the matter is that it makes no difference if you pull the handle or press the start button.

The machine is controlled by a random number generator, and the action of either pulling the slot handle or pressing the start button simply makes the random number generator fire out a random number which is then turned into either a winning or losing spin.

Progressive Jackpots

Some players seem to think that they will only get a chance of hitting a big progressive jackpot at one of the leading land based casinos, as their slot machine gets more plays by virtue of the number of players playing them constantly throughout the day.

This is a myth, you stand just as much chance hitting a massive jackpot at a small, quieter casino as all the machines are linked and the decision to payout the progressive jackpot is taken by a random number generator at the progressive slot machine suppliers headquarters.

Best time to play

Some players will only sit down to play slot machines during busy periods such as at the weekend or during big public holidays, as this is when they think they have more chance of hitting a big win.

There is some truth in this as slot machines do get hammered during busy spells, but the truth of the matter is the more play they get the more they will payout the top prize simply by virtue of the sheer number of games played during busy spells.

Flicking the Switch

There is no machine switch which the casino can flick to make you hit a jackpot, what they can do is programme slot machines to return a bigger percentage of the overall take back to the player.

This however has to fall with in predetermined payout percentages and these payout percentages are set by the casinos governing bodies who often perform spot checks to ensure all is well and above board.

This section of the website Is dedicated to some of the slot machine secrets that you may of may not know, if you are a fan of playing slots you may already know them but if not have a good read through them they are interesting if nothing else and may dispel some of the myths surrounding slot machine game play

Slot Machine Secrets – Best Paying Slot Machines


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